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Hair FAQs


How Many Bundles Do I Need?


Well, this can range from 3-5 depending on your desired fullness. Usually, you can get three bundles for your sew in. If your sew-in is longer than 20 inch, you might want to consider 4 or 5 bundles, so that your weave will be more full and glamorous.


Will Hair Extensions Harm My Natural Hair?


Absolutely not. Remember to take care of your natural hair as usual when you take off your sew-ins. Our products will not harm your hair in any type of way.


How Long Does My Hair Extensions Last?


This really depends on how you take care of them. Some of our customers had their hair for one year, and some had more than two years. Here are some essential tips for you to help your sew-ins last longer and naturally. Never comb or brush them when they are wet. Make sure to dry well and brush through them with a hair extension brush. And don’t wash them as often with shampoo.


Can I Dye Your Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can dye, bleach, and tone the hair. You can do the hair with the same type of thing, just like your real hair. You need to make sure the chemical balances out the way it is supposed to be. We suggest definitely having the licensed hair stylist, someone know what they are exactly doing with the hair. Just make sure don’t get it over process because it can be over process. Just like we can over process our real hair.


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